BME 308 Introduction to Biomedical Signals and Electrical Circuits

Introduction to properties of electrical circuit components; DC and AC circuit analysis; applications of op-amplifiers; constructing USB-driven electrical circuits to amplify, filter, and digitize biomedical signals. This course also introduces basic concepts of time and frequency domain analysis: Fourier transforms, filtering, and sampling.


Electronics out of the Lab, Michael Peshkin, Northwestern University Mechanical Engineering.

Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, J. David Irwin & R. Mark Nelms, Michael Peshkin, Wiley.

Course syllabus for Winter 2021.


BME 333 Modern Optical Microscopy and Imaging

Bio-optical imaging has played a critical role in almost all major breakthroughs in recent biomedical research. Knowledge of current bio-optical imaging technologies is important for students who plan for future careers or graduate studies in biomedicine related fields. This course provides students with (1) Fundamental background of tissue optics; (2) Understanding of physics, strengths, and limitations of various existing bio-optical imaging technologies; (3) Knowledge of emerging bio-optical imaging technologies for anatomic and functional studies; (4) Problem-solving skill when facing a specific biomedical challenge.

Textbook / References:

Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging, Douglas B. Murphy, Wiley-Liss.

Biomedical Optics: Principles and Imaging, Lihong V. Wang & Hsin-i Wu, Wiley-Interscience.

Biomedical Photnics Handbook, Tuan Vo-Dinh, CRC Press.

Tissue Optics, Valery Tuchin, SPIE Press

Optics, Eugene Hecht, Addison-Wesley,

Course syllabus for Fall 2024.